Winter Landscaping: How to Maintain Your Garden Throughout Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for gardeners and planning landscaping alike. The cold weather and lack of sunlight can take a toll on plants, making it harder to keep them looking healthy and vibrant. As well as colder, darker months making it difficult to landscape your garden the way you’d like it to look. With a bit of care and planning, you can make the most out of your garden so it looks great throughout winter. In this blog, we’ll give you some advice on how to winterize your garden and keep it looking great throughout the season.

Can I have my garden landscaped in Winter?

Absolutely. Darker, colder nights certainly make things tricky but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your garden re-designed, restructured or more features installed. If you have a patio or decking, these can be easily cleaned and treated in preparation for the colder months. Garden furniture can be stored away or replaced with more winter-friendly options such as benches with cushions or outdoor heaters.

Winter months are also as good a time as any to install things like sheds, greenhouses, decking, flower beds, garden steps or flooring areas.

The Benefits of Landscaping in Winter

Despite the days being shorter and the weather being colder, there are actually some great benefits to landscaping your garden in the winter months.

Less disruption when you actually want to use it

It makes more sense to disrupt your garden when you’re not using it, than when you’re trying to make the most of it when it’s sunny and hot. Does it really matter if the garden is unusable for a few weeks when it’s -1° and dark by 5 PM?

As an additional benefit, there is limited disruption to your neighbours as they, too, are much more likely to be spending time inside.

Shorter waiting lists

Most landscapers work all year round, though waiting lists tend to be shorter in winter. This is likely due to some people neglecting their garden when they aren’t using it, or that they don’t realise landscapers are available to make changes during winter.

Benefits for plants and turf

During colder months, most trees and plants are dormant and less likely to be affected by landscaping work, and turfing in wintertime can produce some really good results. Turf is much less likely to burn out or suffer from heat stress during winter, and is easier to keep moist while it is developing and growing in its early stages. There is also usually a much lower chance people will walk on the lawn before roots have settled during darker months.

Consider non-plant-based landscaping

Winter isn’t just good for getting landscaping jobs done around the garden, it’s also a good time to put up things in the garden such as sheds, greenhouses, outdoor buildings, decking, and more. If you’re planning on any of these, winter is a great time to have them installed as there is often less disruption to your garden and they can be up and ready for use come spring.

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